Animal Control Officer in Trouble For Euthanizing Stray Dog

​Animal Control Officer in Trouble For Euthanizing Stray Dog An animal control officer in Elba is on the hot seat after a person reported him to authorities for euthanizing an injured dog. The incident took place recently at the Elba Animal Shelter and involved a female dog (name unknown), two volunteers at the shelter name […]

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Brutal Cold Could Take a Bite out of Forest-Munching Pests

Pest in Forrests Might Take a Hit Due to Brutally Cold Weather With all the talk of global warming, a lot of people are asking what’s up with the record cold temperatures this year. It’s been brutally cold with only a few minor periods of relief since about Thanksgiving. And while that’s great for ski […]

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Thousands of Honey Bees Found in Couple’s Attic

Thousands of Honey Bees Found in Couple’s Attic What would you do if you came home one day and found honey seeping down the exterior wall of your house? Sound weird? Well, it is. But that’s exactly what happened to a homeowner in Omaha Nebraska recently. The homeowner, Becky Reilly, noticed one day that there […]

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What are the ‘Rattiest’ Cities in the US?

Before we get into discussing the rattiest cities in the US, a bit of background. If you live just about anywhere in North America, you have seen your share of these animals. This particular rodent has seen its numbers explode in lockstep with the humans whose modes of transport it uses to spread and whose […]

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Why Do Animals Like to Invade Our Homes in the Cities?

So, what started this whole thing? What made all these animals want to get into our homes when we’re all surrounded by buildings and roads in the busy streets of urban life. One of the most obvious reasons why animals have started to invade our cities is because of ourselves. Why? Well, because of climate change […]

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Stomp Out Some Pests With The Help From Biocontrol

The insect is a problem, and they can be surely annoying to you, especially when they are constantly bugging you, and ruining your day by invading your home, your crops, your plants, and your health. People cannot stand the sight of bugs roaming around your kitchen floor, and they find them disgusting to see whenever […]

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Pests’ Most Common Hiding Places in Your House

Do you have a pest problem in your home? Whether it’s ants, termites, or rodents, the critters can be tough to get rid of. There are various issues they can cause but one of the main ones is the fact that once the insects or tiny animals make your house, apartment, or condo their residence […]

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What are the Worst Pests to Watch Out for in the USA?

Pests are animals that can be destructive to human life, property, crops, and other animals. And throughout the history of America, there have been a lot of insect and mammal species that have wreaked havoc throughout the country. These are some of the worst animals that have made their home in the United States. 1. […]

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Big Data Renews Fight Over the Origin of Animals

Evolutionary reports help humans understand how the world around them have evolved and the various forms or species that have dotted the ecosystem. The sourcing and preservation of data on both human and animal forms help us assess the human society in terms of how long it has been in existence, understand what has worked […]

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