How Long Do Silverfish Live? Their Lifespan & Reproduction Cycle

insectMany people asking how long silverfish live, are probably concerned about the presence of this pest in their homes or are just curious about this wingless insect. They are among the common bugs that are found in our homes and have been in existence for many centuries. Just as their name suggests, this little bug resembles fish in many aspects. First, they have a slender body that is tapered towards the head and the tail end. Two, they make wriggly movements just as fish do. Three, they have tiny legs that are not very noticeable and appear as if they are swimming when walking.

How Long Do They Live?

Silverfish live for two to eight years depending on the species as well as the suitability of the surrounding. For instance, a bug that remains hidden in an old attic that is full of clothes, books, mould and never receives any light, or fresh air is more likely to live longer compared to one that inhabits a closet that stores clothes worn occasionally. Also, a bug that is near food sources and in a moldy environment will survive longer than that which inhabits a dorm room. They will thrive best in dark regions that rarely see light and in temperatures of between 70 and 80Â Fahrenheit. Studies show that although silverfish are regular feeders, they can live for nearly a year without any food. They survive on the food that has been stored inside their bodies in the form of fat.

How Do Silverfish Reproduce?

Silverfish undergo a ritual that consists of three phases before the male finally releases a spermatophore (a gossamer-coated sperm capsule). The female using the ovipositor takes the spermatophore into her body and will use it to fertilize her eggs. When ready she will lay several lumps of eggs each containing several oval-shaped whitish eggs inside cracks, crevices, and other hidden spots. Some species lay the eggs at one go while others lay clusters consisting of 2 to 20 eggs at a time. However, the maximum number of eggs the insect lays in its lifetime doesn’t exceed 100. After two to two months, whitish nymphs resembling adult insects will emerge from the eggs. They will start turning silver as they mould and shed off the outer covering and this takes place even in their adulthood. On average, the adult measures 12-19mm in length from the head to tail end.

How Do They Survive?

exterminatorAlthough they can live for up to 8 years, most bug species don’t live more than three years, and this is mainly attributed to the surrounding. In order to survive, they have developed several strategies. For instance, they lay many eggs at a go or several clusters; they only operate in the cover of the night to avoid detection, and their bodies are easily camouflaged in poorly-lit conditions. In addition to being fast runners on flat surfaces, the bug can go for weeks without any food or water and for up to 300 days surviving only on water. The silverfish’s tough cuticle helps protect the insect against predators and rough surfaces, excess sweating and makes it more streamlined for easy takeoff as well as hiding inside tight crevices, cracks, and holes.

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