What Does a Dust Mite Look Like? – Do These Insects Bite?

Just what do dust mites look like? Well, contrary to single-color images that often show a menacing-looking beast, dust mites actually resemble blobs of moisture with sharp appendages, which is one of many aspects that you might not know about dust mites.Does dust get so thick in your home that you’re sure you see dust […]

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What is the Best Way to Kill Fleas?

What’s the Best Way to Kill Fleas? If you own a cat or a dog that goes outdoors, then you probably must have wonder; can pet transfer fleas to humans?, since it has a good chance of bringing insects inside. One flea soon turns into an infestation that leads you to wonder, “What’s the best way […]

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What Do Cockroach Bites Look Like?

I never see cockroaches in my house, but I have noticed them in our garden shed. After showing them to my son, he asked, “Can cockroaches bite?” Not knowing the answer, I investigated and uncovered some horrible and intriguing answers.Before answering my son’s question, here are some additional questions to consider. Do you know what […]

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Do Carpet Beetles Bite Humans? Learn How to Get Rid of Them!

My next door neighbor claims that carpet beetles bite her. Another neighbor across the street says she’s wrong. Since I wondered, “Do carpet beetles bite?” I decided to investigate. The answer might surprise you as much as it surprised me. Not too many people know what the effects are when it comes to these insects […]

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What’s the Best Cockroach Killer That Works?

If you’re like most people, cockroaches seem creepy, and after an invasion of roaches in your home, it’s natural to wonder, “What’s the best roach killer?” What you might not realize is that there are both chemical and non-toxic insect killers available to you.Do you know that cleaning is also an important pest deterrent? If […]

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Do Mice Make Noises? – How to Get Rid of The Squeaking!

Mice are quiet, especially the dead ones that I’ve caught in a trap. I’ve never put much thought into the question, “Do mice make noise?” Then, I heard sounds in my attic that made me wonder if rats make noises through their mouths. The answer is interesting.Do you realize that mice are similar to humans? […]

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3 Home Remedies for Termites – The Best Way to Kill These Pests

I was curios, after my friends debate whether do insect like termites bite. Oh Mehn!! While inspecting my attic I discovered them, and just seeing these wood-chewing insects produced visions of my paycheck disappearing to pest removal professionals spraying chemicals. I decided to locate home remedies for these insects as a money-saving idea.I discovered basic questions […]

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What is a Silverfish? Where Do They Come From?

What is a silverfish How to identify and Remove Silverfish From Your Home

After moving into a new home, our new neighbors warned us to watch out for silverfish in our house. My first response was to ask, “What is a silverfish?” If you’re like me in thinking it’s a flashy fish, you’re wrong. Despite the name, it’s not a fish that lives in the water.Once I recognized […]

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Water Bug vs. Cockroach – What’s the Difference?

water bug vs cockroach

I spotted a large flat bug crawling under the kitchen sink and after I said, “There goes a cockroach,” my grandmother said, “Oh, that’s just a water bug.” Water bug vs. cockroach – there doesn’t seem to be a difference, so I investigated and found out there’s quite a contrast.Have you noticed other people calling […]

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What Does a Bat Bite Mark Look Like on a Human?

While entering my attic, I unknowingly reached down and touched a bat – funny how Bats just love attic spaces. I thought it bit me, but after looking at my hand, I couldn’t see a bite mark. That is when I thought, “What does a bat bite look like on a human?” The answer to […]

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