Will Squirrels Eat Rat Poison?

If you live near trees filled with squirrels, you could get a squirrel in your attic that might start chewing on insulation and electrical wires. In an attempt to get rid of it, you might wonder, “Will squirrels eat rat poison?” There are several bad consequences with that idea. Are you ready to endure the […]

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Can Natural Vinegar Kill Fire Ants?

If fire ants appear in your garden, and you’re looking for a thrifty way to kill the stinging tiny beasts, you’ll find several online home remedies for destroying them and wonder, “Will vinegar kill fire ants?” Scientists have actually tested the idea, as you’ll read below.Are you interested in a non-toxic method of killing red […]

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What Does a Dust Mite Look Like? – Do These Insects Bite?

Just what do dust mites look like? Well, contrary to single-color images that often show a menacing-looking beast, dust mites actually resemble blobs of moisture with sharp appendages, which is one of many aspects that you might not know about dust mites.Does dust get so thick in your home that you’re sure you see dust […]

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